·     Brand: GREAT-BOOM

·       Model:  LS25BD

·       Engine: 6.5 horsepower, 4 stroke, OHV, air cooled 

·       Engine brand: LIFAN, Kohler, B&S

·       Start: manual (recoil) start



Detailed Introduction

Hydraulic cylinder size: 100mm diameter x 540mm stroke

Oil Capacity: 15liters

Valve: automatic return control valve

Maximum splitting force: 25 ton

Wedge height 7” (178mm)

Split and return cycle time: 14 seconds

Maximum log length: 24” (610mm)

Working position: horizontal and vertical

Wheels and tires: 12” pneumatic

Mudguard: w/o

Maximum recommended towing speed: 40 km/h

Package dimensions: 187cm x 51cm x 68cm

Package weight: 215kg

Warranty: 6 months