1) Are you a factory? 

Sure, we are one manufacturer of log splitter; we started to make fuel log splitter before 5years ago but the order was ODM, from 2010 we designed and sell for us. Now our 1050mm model is only one successful factory to finish design by ourselves in China, and new log splitter machine with log strip is latest products made by us.

2) Can we visit your factory/company if we go to China sometime? Now we are interested in your products.
Of course, you are welcome to visit us at any time, BTW, Please inform us advanced, maybe 10days; we will prepare some samples for your test. So you are pleased to inform us what you plan to see if coming here. There isn’t enough sample as stock here because our A/C department doesn’t permit us to make new sample.

3) What can we see there when we visit your factory? 
You could visit our some workshops including cylinder, valve, H-beam weld and making color. Please know that not all are made by us, we will arrange best professional factory to make some parts.

4) What is its name? About you near airport, how far to your factory by car? How much time by driving car from airport to your factory?
Qingdao airport is near to us, it is 150km from airport to our factory, and it will spend you 150minute by driving the car. We can arrange to pick you up if you come here by plane but inform us your flight No. and about arriving time there.

5) Do we need to inform you advanced if you visit your factory? 
Sure, you could see and test the samples you are interested in.

6) We want to test your machine before order, so how many pieces for sample order or trial order? Does it has special fee happened? Do you have detailed operating rules? How about color for sample order or trial order? How long to finish sample order or trail order?
Normally speaking, our MOQ is 20pcs for each one model of log splitter; please know that the 20pcs quantity is not the mixed quantity. Our MOQ of log saw is 28pcs. 
Sample should be available here and we will charge some additional fee before on board, of course, the fee depends on the truth. Please ask for our SAMPLE DELIVERY POLICY if you need. About color, we will do our best to meet your special color. We will follow other color of other clients to our sample. We need 10days to 15days to finish sample.

7) Now we can’t ensure whether we can sell one full container, so can we order half container? 
  Can you keep same price as full container basic? 
Half container order is also one here, it is our words. Please arrange your forwarding agent to pick up cargo in our factory, we don’t delivery the cargo to the board, in other words, we use EXW business terms.

9) Can you help us booking ship for us if we have not any forwarding agent in China?
Sure, there is one professional team who helps us to book every week. We can operate the order on the basic of FREIGHT COLLECT.

10) Generally speaking, how about our business terms and conditions? FOB or CIF or C&F?
Almost order is FOB terms here, but some time we use either CIF or C&F.

11) For your normal order, how much deposit needs to pay before order? When to pay balance? How about after sale? 
About the deposit/advanced payment before order, please pay us 50% before order and 50% balance is paid before ship arrives in unloading port if you use yourselves forwarding agent and FOB business terms. Balance is paid depending on copy of BOL.
Please pay us 30% before order and 70% balance is paid before ship arrives in unloading port we book ship by agent here. Balance is paid depending on copy of BOL.

12) Do you accept D/A? How do you use payment terms? 
What we accept is D/P not D/A, we use T/T or Western union or L/C.

13) How about your package mode? Carton/iron frame/cardboard? Can we use special strong package material?
Our package mode is both iron frame and wrapping film which is only one mode for package. We can consider your special ask if it is reasonable and doesn’t affect our loaded quantity.

14) Can you accept us color design? If yes, how to do before starting order?
No problem, we can accept your color, but we need its PANTONE color No, it is easy to do same color. For example, PANTONE 186C RED.
15) Can we receive the video of products operation? 
Ok, we can supply you. It is one kind of service here.

16) About the user manual, Just in English? Can you supply us about it in either German or French or Spanish? Can you print it and put each one into the package if we translate it by ourselves into our language? 
Generally speaking, our user manuals are in English. But we can consider printing and putting each one into machine if you can edit and give us PDF format. Some time, we will charge additional fee. It depends on then.
17) Can you use our company logo on these products? If yes, how much to pay? 
Ok, the label of LOGO will spend some fee, but it is on us.

18) Have all products been obtained legal certificate? If yes, what is it? What is the standard?
Sure, each one model has its CE certificate, we apply for all not only one certificate for all models. All CE certificate meet EU machinery directive 2006/42/EC and Low voltage directive 2006/95/EC.

19) How to settle the question after sale?
Please read our WARRANTEE POLICY if need, it will tell you all detailed if something happened during usage.

20) Can you support us origin parts? Does the part differ from the origin part?
Sure, to supply you any origin part is also one kind of service after sale. All replacing parts are same as that assembled on the machine.

21) Some free parts are F.O.C with order, YES or NO.? If yes, how much percent? 
Sure, we will supply you some free parts which are easily broken and easily worn parts. About 2% is one of total quantity.

22) Can you be your sole agent in our country? We have sold all machines now.
To be our sole agent, some sale conditions should meet our sole agent agreement, for example, first you have placed 3 orders in half year and each one order has been 1x40HQ and so on.

23) Can you explain us why your products are sold at expensive price but they look similar to some products from other suppliers in China?
Yes, we understand and accept what you said. They look similar in function but our quotation is found at the high side. It is just one reason that we insist on GOOD QUALITY and don’t consider making cost, please don’t forget that ONE PAID and ONE QUALITY. We don’t make inferiors products here.

24) I can’t find your new products showing on website, why?
We are one leading manufacturer of fuel log splitter in China, so there are some new ones coming into the machine line, we must hide our latest products some time. Please understand it.

25) I can’t read your photos clearly for some watermark, why?
We don’t want to let some factory copy ours.

26) Can you accept order of ODM? 
Sure, but it must pass our analyzing and market research and then give you our final conclusion.

27) Can we receive some message from your referring client here? Can we see there if we want? 
No problem, we will give you some clients there and you could call or visit them, of course, your all action doesn’t affect their business.

28) What is your MOQ?
About fuel log splitter, MOQ of each one model is 20pcs.
About fuel log saw, MOQ is 28pcs, you could mix 2 models per time.

29) Our order is less you MOQ, is it available for us? It is still FOB business terms?
Sure, it is still available but as one manufacturer we should remind that small quantity order will have much fee before on board happening, so please consider it carefully. We don’t use FOB terms but EXW factory terms.

30) Do you attend some Commodities Fair? 
Sure, we attend Canton Fair every time then we will talk business with our client and we settle some user question if possible.

31) Can you mail us some new catalogue and quotation list by express delivery service?
We send catalogues and price list by email, not by special express delivery service. And you also know Email is good tool to talk.

32) Our staff will check cargo before loading container, is it ok? 
No problem, we accept you or you colleague to check cargo and then package but we hope the test standard should be fair for both you and us.

33) In case of our trail order to be placed in your factory, and there are some suppliers delivering some sample to your factory, Can you help us to collect and load all into container?
No problem, please inform you other clients delivery cargo to our factory and they pay truck fee advanced, we will arrange worker to load all cargo into one container. Please inform us advanced how to load, what should be in the front of container and what should close the door.
34) Some time, we need someone to check some cargo, how to settle the question for your clients?
We can do our best to help you if time permits.

35) What will you supply us for cleaning customs here?
Normally speaking, they include COMMERCIAL INVOICE, PACKING LIST, BOL and Form A/E。

36) How to ensure our container to be loaded full? Can you supply us detailed photos of loading container every time? I said every time.
We will make photo one by one during loading container, let you see how to load and what to load. And to supply you all photos is our service. We also will do our best to let the container being full every time.

37) How to guarantee our time of delivery? Can we use the S/C binding both time of delivery and terms of payment together?
We will consider all parts arriving time here and then give you one exact time before order, please confirm order after the time is acceptable for you. It should be reasonable, of course we can’t consider all factors, but we will inform you in time and let you know what is happening now. And you could bind both time of delivery and terms of payment together. 

38) All money is U.S.D in S/C? What about others?
U.S.D isn’t only one kind of currency here, you could use GBP or HKD or CHF or SGD or JPY or CAD or AUD or EUR, but one rule is to keep same valve of invoice while currency come into our A/C.

39) Can you delivery some paid parts to other supplier of our company in China?
Ok, but we don’t consider to delivery our origin parts to one supplier which made same products as ours.

40) What is your express delivery service to cooperate? TNT/DHL/FEDEX, how to track after mail? 
We have been cooperating with TNT Company, but you could choose DHL or FEDEX or others if you could choose freight collect there. We can ensure TNT company delivery the mail to you on time, it is key for us
If we use TNT, please track the waybill from www.tnt.com/portal/location/en.html
If we use DHL, please track the waybill from www.cn.dhl.com/en.html
If we use FEDEX, please track the waybill from www.fedex.com/cn_english
If we use UPS, please track the waybill from  http://www.ups.com/content/cn/en/index.jsx

41) How many quantities per year for your company? How long time to finish 1x20ft? How about 1x40HQ?
We manufacture 500pcs fuel log splitter every month, and we also manufacture 400pcs gasoline log saw every month too.

42) Do you have QC standard? 
Sure, we have professional QC team, who will check and test each one machine before package, including LEAKAGE TEST OF OIL TANK, QUALIFIED TEST OF OIL HOSE, VALVE FUNCTION TEST, TRUTH PRESSURE TEST, MATCHED ENGINE TEST AND ALL LABELS.

43) Do you perform either spot check or all check? 
Each machine must be checked and tested, we don’t use spot check, it is our words.

44) Which one model is there some stock now? 
Now our company doesn’t us to make additional quantity machine, in other words, there isn’t any stock here, all order will be arranged depending on time of order. And we start to make order after we see your money in our A/C, not payment receipt.

45) Can you quote us machine w/o engine? 
Ok, you could assemble the engine on our machine after the machine is in your warehouse, we will teach you how to do. To let each one machine work well is our duty.

46) Can we purchase engine and then delivery them to your factory? If yes, do you do normal ALL CHECK?
Ok, we will give you some message of matched engine then you arrange engine order.
We also do all check before package even if you purchase engine and delivery them to us.

47) Can you be with us to other supplier if I go to China; it is not each time but some time.
We can if time permits.